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daniel makins: Bio

I am a songwriter from San Angelo, TX. I am a struggling Christian, husband, dad, and songwriter.

I was raised in a musical family and am a relative of famed ballad hunter, John A Lomax. I have always believed in songs as milestones and guideposts.

My parents gifted me with a decade of classical piano lessons. I then enjoyed several years as a drummer which led to a somewhat unique finger-style guitar technique. I often utilize alternate tunings which, to me, are at once instinctively rhythmic and melodically fresh (on my best days). I have recorded eight albums (1999-2015) and was grateful to be included on a Traveling Texas compilation released by the Center for Texas Music History.

After two decades of writing I feel I am really beginning to have something to say with a few insights or perspectives that I hope an audience might find worth while.

Thanks for listening.

Kerrville Folk Festival (3 time New Folk Finalist)
Wildflower Festival (Winner)
Gig Harbor Folk Festival (Winner)