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daniel makins: Links

Sewanee EFM Program
four year lay minister theology program from which I graduated in 2013
Michael Jarrett
an old friend who writes good songs with no rhythm at all!
Don Edwards
A historian and excellent curator/performer of traditional cowboy songs
Laity Lodge
Theology of place - where I met my wife & JESUS!
David Dark - Blog
David is one of my favorite authors
Beaver Nelson
Beaver is a friend and inspires me to be deeper and wider in my writing... Even though he is a stick figure...
Andy Gullahorn
This guy is OK
Jill Phillips
This gal is more than OK even though she is married to Andy Gullahorn...
David Wilcox
David and his music are so good
Alicia McGovern
Something about her voice people
Ellis is powerful, happy, real, and funny all at the same time
Palmwood Music
Gary Laney, a great engineer/producer in San Angelo, TX