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The San Angelo Concert Series - November 15, 2014

Since 2004 the San Angelo Concert Series has had a simple mission: "Award Winning Songwriters, Listener Oriented Concerts." We are proud to host nationally known songwriters in West Texas and to hear them perform original music crossing genre barriers in an acoustically superb setting. Artists share insights and inspirations behind memorable and genuine songs. Wine, coffee, and dessert are provided.

Shows run on selected dates (usually last Fridays of summer months) at 7 pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm for $15 cash/check in the Emmanuel Church Great Room - 3 South Randolph (Downtown San Angelo near corner of Harris and N. Bryant/N. Hwy. 87) There are no pre-sold tickets.

A guest visual artist is also showcased at most concerts.

For dates please visit the "calendar" page

Previous Guests:

Dana Cooper -
Johnsmith -
Susan Gibson -
Adam Carroll -
Michael Jarrett -
Gordy Quist -
Ed Miller -
Pierce Pettis -
Kim Miller -
Karen Mal -
Buddy Mondlock -
Jack Williams -
Beth Wood -
Abi Tapia -
Butch Morgan -
David Noland -
Brooks Williams -
Mad Agnes -
Billy Crockett -
Terri Hendrix -
Muriel Anderson -
George Ensle -
Ken Gaines -
Rhett Butler -
Billy McLaughlin -
Albert & Gage -
Michael Schneider -
Nathan Brown -
Paul Finley -
Chuck Pyle -
Michael O'Connor -
Shake Russell -
Caroline Herring -
Grace Pettis -
Dirje Smith -
K.C. Clifford -
Slaid Cleaves -
Beaver Nelson -
Nathan hamilton -
Arthur Thompson -
Ellen Tipper -
Betty Soo -
Dale Watson -
Andy Gullahorn -
Ellis -
Nicolette Good -
Johann Wagner -
Danny Schmidt -
Carrie Elkin -
Alicia McGovern -
RJ Cowdery -
Moors & McCumber -

Songwriter Showcase Radio - December 20, 2011

Songwriter Showcase was a radio program which aired on KNCH 90.1 FM - Public Radio San Angelo. The selections were focused on quality, genuine lyric songwriting. Shows consisted of "mini-sets" featuring 2-3 songs per artist, but every 4-5 episodes or so one songwriter was "showcased" for the entire program in chronological (discography) with pertinent background/production info thrown in. "Showcased" Artists included: Dana Cooper, David Wilcox, Willis Alan Ramsey, Paul Simon, Adam Carroll, John Vandiver, Dave Noland, Lyle Lovett, Tom Petty, John Denver, Norah Jones, The Indigo Girls, Keb Mo and others. The show was a first step in locally produced content for San Angelo's public radio station. It was a joy and a lot of work to bring this quality content to our airwaves in West Texas, but my schedule demanded I let something go... Please visit and thanks for supporting public radio.

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